The province of Gelderland has designated automated driving as a priority, because it understands that automated driving is the future. That’s why it has launched this unique and large-scale pilot project. But the automated driving technology is not the only reason we are so enthusiastic about this pilot project. It’s also the partnership between governmental agencies, commercial parties and the educational sector that is making this project possible. Alongside our expert project team, it is our committed sponsors and specialised suppliers who are making this pilot project a success. Read more about them here.


Below you will find more information about each of these companies and what they do for the WEpods project.


Nvidia is a worldwide market leader in the field of visual computing and computer graphics. Nvidia is a supplier of hardware and software to an impressive list of international clients, including many major car manufacturers. Nvidia has provided eleven computers for radar and camera image processing in the project.

OpenUp Technologies

OpenUp Technologies in Lunteren is an expert in linking and applying real-time and real-place information to improve the experience, functionality and information of multimedia applications in order to achieve added value to the customer.OpenUp is supplying its cloud-based augmented reality suite for use in the WEpod Infotainment system and the WEpod App. OpenUp is also assisting local technical college and higher vocational education students in developing these systems for WEpods.


KPN is supplying solutions in the form of a number of different ICT infrastructure and network products and services. To be more productive as an organisation, applications and data must always be connected, and the organisation must be prepared for the latest technologies like the Internet of Things. KPN has its own data centres in the Netherlands and provides fast connections to every form of the cloud, including public, private, or hybrid.KPN supplied WEpods with two m2m subscriptions for data communication. These are responsible for much of the data communication in the project, including the communication between the WEpods and the control room.


  • TNO does the High Level control
  • Easy mile  supplies the vehicles
  • ZTI handles the installation of sensors and the many computers in the vehicle
  • Elektrobit supplies the E-horizon system that makes the map usable by the HL Controller
  • Ricardo coordinates safety issues and the approval of the vehicles for road use
  • Technolution handles the technical coordination in the project

A number of regional organisations are also contributing to the project:

  • WUR is contributing to the localisation task and theconduct of the integration testing program.
  • Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (CHE)will contribute to developing the infotainment system, the app, and the businessplan for after the project phase.
  • ROC A12 is providing the space for garaging the vehicles and will also contribute to the maintenance and technical assistance in the event of malfunction.
  • HAN University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen) will assist in on-site testing.