Project Team

The province of Gelderland has designated automated driving as a priority, because it understands that automated driving is the future. That’s why it has launched this unique and large-scale pilot project. But the automated driving technology is not the only reason we are so enthusiastic about this pilot project. It’s also the partnership between governmental agencies, commercial parties and the educational sector that is making this project possible. Alongside our expert project team, it is our committed sponsors and specialised suppliers who are making this pilot project a success. Read more about them here.

TU Delft | Contract party

TU Delft is participating through its faculties of Mechanical, Materials and Maritime Engineering (3ME) and Civil Technology and Geosciences (CiTG). As lead partner on the DAVI programme, TU Delft has a leading role in the development of automated transport in the Netherlands. Within DAVI, TU Delft in partnership with other organisations is carrying out projects at the research-application interface that are taking meaningful steps forward on the roadmap to fully integrated, automated transport.

Spring innovation management | Project leader (for client institution TU Delft)

Spring is a specialist in projects and programme management of innovation projects in the automotive and mobility sector. The Spring agency is headed by Jan Willem van der Wiel, who headed the development of the Parkshuttle in Rotterdam which, as an automatic vehicle on a closed track, can be seen as a forerunner of the WEpod.

Robot Care Systems | Sensor Fusion

RCS is a TU-Delft spin-off specialised in the development of autonomous care robots, and so has experience in the development of environmental recognition systems. Marja Rudinac graduated from TU Delft and has been working with autonomous robots for over ten years. In the WEpod project, Marja will be heading the development of the advanced Sensor Fusion system that the WEpods require.

Mapscape | HD map for automatic driving

Mapscape is a Dutch company with a leading position in the field of in-car navigation solutions for the international automotive industry. Mapscape developed the high definition digital map for automated driving being used in the project, including the e-horizon map reading system.

Connekt | Communication

Connekt creates and connects networks of governmental agencies, commercial parties and knowledge institutions to work towards sustainable improvement of mobility in the Netherlands. Connekt networks are making great strides in mobility by helping make Intelligent Transport Systems smarter, more comfortable and more sustainable. Connekt serves as a catalyst in a wide range of programmes and initiatives.