CHE-students are involved in WEpods!

Since November 2015 are we, three soon to graduate students of Innovative Business Administration from the Christian University of Applied Sciences, actively involved in the project WEpods. For our thesis we will focus on the business side of the 2nd phase of project WEpods. In this 2nd phase there will be a (new) consortium that will carry out the project with the two autonomous vehicles.


Also a group of third year Bachelor of Business Administration students from the CHE will be involved for a couple of weeks. They will search through different perspectives for scenarios that involve the operaion of WEpods in the future.

If you have an idea, comment or a tip that could help us with our thesis, we would love to hear from you. Does the expertise of your business cross with one of our studies? If in any way or form you would like to brainstorm with us about this project, feel free to contact us in any form given above.

Through this blog we hope to inform all of the readers every two weeks about the progress we make. We intend to increase the mutual commitment, so that both of us can add value to the project WEpods.