About WEpods


They have no steering wheel, no brake and no accelerator pedals, and they ‘answer’ to the names WURby and WElly. These vehicles, known as WEpods, are being intensively tested up to the summer of 2016 – not just their technical aspects, but their social impact as well.

The primary goal of this pilot study is knowledge development. It will not result in a road-ready system, but rather its product will be a cooperative partnership between the private sector, the public sector, and knowledge institutions, which will together bring automated driving one step closer.

This site will tell you all about the latest in WEpods, the pilot study, the timeline, the technology, safety issues… in short, everything! But if you have any questions this site doesn’t answer, do let us know.


From specs to app, and from battery to latest luxuries, if you want to know anything about the technical side of the WEpods, you can find the information here.


The pilot study is the time when mistakes can be made without serious consequences, but we can’t tolerate any mistakes that have an impact on safety. The safety of passengers and road users comes first! Here you can read more about all the measures put in place to guarantee safety.

Legislation and regulations

A self-driving car can’t just go out on the road. After we showed that we could meet the safety requirements in a pilot, Rijkswaterstaat (the Directorate-General for Public Works) adjusted the relevant legislation and regulations to allow us to get the WEpod out on the road legally.

Route and navigation

During the pilot, the WEpods will be driving a fixed route: from the Ede-Wageningen railway station to Wageningen University, and then on campus. Using custom-made navigation.


The first vehicle arrived in the Netherlands at the end of July 2015. By October, the second had arrived. We began testing them on the open road starting in November, initially on small routes and then expanding these into larger ones. We are still taking the vehicles out on longer and longer routes.

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